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why maicom

The Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce or better known as MAICOM is a business chamber and association of business concerns and professionals with an interest in business and economic relations between Malaysia and India. MAICOM formed in Malaysia, came into being as a result of the many trade fair relations...
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maicom mission

Our mission is to develop, promote and protect trade activity between Malaysia and India. The Chamber's mandate is to serve as the premier business organization...
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MAICOM proudly announces the next meet at Sg.Petani-Kedah

The August carnival of Global Indian Fiesta will be held at VillageMaal at Sg.Petani Kedah from Aug28 till Sep01.

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MAICOM hosts the SEP meet at Kuala Lumpur

The September carnival will be hosted in BukitJalil Sports Complex in Kuala Lumpur.The event will take place for 9 days starting from Sep6 till Sep14

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The GRAND DIWALI carnival declared.

Maicom proudly announces the grand Diwali Carnival – perhaps the most scintillating event of Global Indian Fiesta in Shah Alam, Selangor. This event is scheduled from Oct10 to Oct21.

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why malaysia

Strategically located at one of the world’s most lucrative trade routes, Malaysia has sophisticated infrastructure in terms of logistics and communication. Malaysia is blessed with political stability, strong economic fundamentals ,highly skilled workers and an affluent society.
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our potentials

The Indian Shopping market in Malaysia is growing at an outstanding pace. With a direct consumer base of 1.2 billion Indians and another 24 million people of Indian origin from all over the globe, the demand for Indian lifestyle products are inflating worldwide.
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Mr Kanagaraja Raman
President, MAICOM

MAICOM works as a common body with no personal agenda. MAICOM believes in providing platforms and Business opportunities to all organization from various industry verticals, working as a NGO MAICOM looks for creating opportunities and support budding organizations and entrepreneurs to excel and build a profitable Venture

Mr DP Ganna
Deputy President MAICOM

MAICOM is a transparent Body, open for new ideas and suggestion, and MAICOM has been constantly upgrading the core values and boasts to provide the right Business opportunities and Business advice to the local traders and also helping them in MAICOM exhibitions.


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